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Spanish tutors in Bournemouth

Bespoke Spanish tutors in Bournemouth

We provide expert Spanish tutors in Bournemouth for young children (4 and above), school pupils, college and university students, and adult learners. Our Spanish tutors cater for all ages, levels and abilities.

Our Spanish examination tutors help prepare tutees for Common Entrance (CE) Spanish, GCSE/IGCSE Spanish, A-Level Spanish, International Baccalaureate (IB) Spanish, Pre-U Spanish, and university Spanish examinations.

We also provide specialist Spanish tutorials incorporating a range of educational services, helping to develop Spanish tutees' study skills, supporting Spanish tutees throughout the UCAS application process, including the editing and writing of UCAS personal statements, preparing Spanish tutees to read Spanish (single or joint honours) at Oxbridge, and providing business Spanish tutors for business professionals and students of business.

We tutor in the comfort of your home, online (via Skype, Zoom, Teams or FaceTime), or at the home of one of our specialist Spanish tutors, at a time that is most convenient for you.

Our Spanish tutors tailor their tuition to the needs of each tutee.


Comments from past students

Great value for money! Great Spanish tutor!

My decision to choose a BLT Spanish tutor was the right one! I've learnt loads of Spanish over the past few months, progressing from absolute beginner to being able to string simple sentences together and have a basic conversation with my Spanish tutor. Great value for money! Great Spanish tutor! Thanks!

Gareth Edwards, Bournemouth

Excellent A-level Spanish tutoring - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

In the few months I have been studying A-level Spanish with my BLT Spanish tutor, my Spanish speaking and understanding have improved tremendously. My Spanish tutorials are of the very highest standard and are most enjoyable; I always look forward to them. I highly recommend BLT, as their A-level Spanish tutoring is excellent - my tutor tailors everything we do to my own personal needs, and they are great value for money!

Mia Gyi-Guest, Bournemouth

My GCSE Spanish tutorials are always enjoyable, productive and informative

I have been attending GCSE Spanish tutorials with Aaron, Principal and Lead Tutor at BLT, for about six weeks now, and I already feel that I have made great progress. Due to an in-continuity of Spanish teachers at school, I felt I needed a Spanish tutor, as I wasn't reaching my full potential; however, thanks to my tutor's enthusiasm for Spanish, and obvious tutoring experience, my Spanish tutorials are always enjoyable, productive and informative. I would recommend BLT Spanish tutors to anyone who is looking to really improve their confidence, understanding and fluency in Spanish.

Iona Spence-Dingle, Bournemouth

My Spanish tutor got me speaking Spanish from the first tutorial

The Spanish tutors at BLT are highly qualified, professional and personable. Being an EFL tutor myself, I am really very judgmental of other language tutors, but I have been overwhelmingly impressed by my Spanish tutor's extensive knowledge of Spain and all that is Spanish. His passion for Spanish; the clarity of his explanation; and his entertaining tutee-centered approach make leaning Spanish real fun - he got me speaking Spanish from my first tutorial! I would recommend BLT Spanish tutors to anyone who wants to learn Spanish, adult, child, or student.

Emma Mills, Bournemouth

Great service! Great fun! Inspiring Spanish tutoring!

I had never learnt a word of Spanish before my first tutorial, but my tutor got me speaking Spanish in the first twenty minutes! It has genuinely been a fantastic experience - enlightening and rewarding. I am now, after 8 months of Spanish tutorials, able to hold a decent conversation in Spanish and I hope to take a GCSE in Spanish early next year! Great service! Great fun! Inspiring Spanish tutoring!

Paul Birnie, Bournemouth


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